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Hey guys…

I’ve been a bit slow on updates but that’s cause I’ve been working on a new website/blog ( that functions better than the current one. Plus, it gives me the chance to really show my photography the best way possible. Still working out a few things as well as uploading galleries, photo essays, etc.  Planning some huge things over the next few months so make sure to switch over, subscribe and follow me there. Thanks for the support and hope to see you guys on the other side.


Liberty (October, 2013 – NYC)

Liberty - Theonepointeight

Another one from my time spent in New York last month. One of my faves…

“New York Stories” (October 2013, NYC)

New York Stories - Theonepointeight

Shot a few weeks back during my trip to New York. Glad to have captured this one. One of the faves from this entire year…

Link: “The Gift of Time” – National Geographic Proof (October 2013)

MPW65 - Carlos Gonzalez - Theonepointeight

Honored to have one of my images on the website of National Geographic‘s blog Proof.  A great article written by Dennis Dimick, it discusses the amazing Missouri Photo Workshop #65 which took place last week. You can read the article on this link where you can also check out other amazing photography by some of the students involved in the workshop. Definitely worth a look.

Transfixed / Paz De La Huerta (October 2013, Los Angeles)

Transfixed - Paz De La Huerta - Theonepointeight

Featuring the great Paz de La Huerta, this photo was shot late last September during Brian Butler‘s screening of his short film/music video “Babalon Working”, which you can watch here through the MOCAtv youtube channel.  You can also read more about the film in this recent article by Vice.

Mercury Rising (October 2013, NYC)

Beginnings (October 2013 – Los Angeles)

Link: The Guardian of Grundy County (Missouri Photo Workshop 65)

The Guardian of Grundy County - Theonepointeight - Carlos Gonzalez

Over the past week, I spent time in the small community of Trenton, Missouri as part of the Missouri Photo Workshop.  This had been the 65th year that the workshop had taken place in the state of Missouri and to say the least, it was an incredible and life-changing experience, both in personal and professional ways. One where I got to spend time with the locals, sleep in their homes, drive across town and exchance ideas and views.  All the work I’ve done in the past pales in comparison to the work that took place last week. And hopefully, the work that continues from this point on reaches the same level of maturity.


Joe Fresh (September 2013, NYC)

Link: Hypetrak Essentials feat. Christian Rich (September 2013, Los Angeles)


Recently, I got to hang out with great producer duo Christian Rich for a Hypetrak Essentials feature. They recently produced a bunch of cool tracks from Earl Sweatshirt‘s celebrated Doris album and have been collaborated with names such as Raekwon, Clipse, N*E*R*D, J.Cole, RZA Lupe Fiasco to name a few. Make sure to check out this link to get a closer look at the cool items these guys call their Essentials and keep an eye out for more of their work ahead…

Rulers & Kingdoms (September 2013, NYC)

The Bloody Beetroots: Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (September 2013, Los Angeles)

The Bloody Beetroots - Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo - Theonepointeight

Finally releasing one of my favorite portraits from 2013, with the one and only Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of The Bloody Beetroots. This was shot during a private album release party in the heart of Hollywood. Also,  make sure to check out this link to watch The Bloody Beetroots’ recent video for their song “Out of Sight”, featuring the legendary Paul McCartney

Update: Missouri Photo Workshop 65 (September 2013)

MPW.65 - Main-Page - Theonepointeight

Photo Credit: Geoff Hansen/MPW.47

In less than a week, I’ll be in Trenton Missouri for the Missouri Photo Workshop #65 (September 22-28, 2013).  If you guys are not familiar with this amazing workshop, it was founded in 1949 by the late Clifton C. Edom of the Missouri School of Journalism who’s often credited the “Father of Journalism”. Over the years, faculty members have been many of America’s leading newspaper, magazine photographers and photo editors. I’m extremely fortunate to have been accepted into this workshop which will host 45 photographers from all over the world as well as faculty that includes National Geographic photographers, Pulitzer Prize winners and some of today’s best photo journalists. Huge thanks to David L. Rees  from the Missouri School of Photojournalism and Randy Olson from The Photo Society  for their great advice.  And to Elizabeth Bruneau and Souris Hong-Porretta for helping make this trip happen last second. Looking forward to coming back home a different person and hopefully a better photographer.

Welcome (September 2013, NYC)

Link: Rolling Stone – A Night in the Life of Tiësto (September 2013, NYC)

Tiësto - Rolling Stone - Theonepointeight

A couple of weeks ago, I was on assignment with Rolling Stone out in New York City covering Electric Zoo 2013, but I also got to spend a day with electronic music powerhouse Tiësto as he geared up for his Electric Zoo 2013 performance. Extremely fortunate to be a part of this so thanks to Rolling Stone and Rephlektor Inkorporated who helped make this happen.  No feeling quite like it to stand in front of 50,000 strong.  Check out this link  to see what it’s like to spend a day with Tiësto